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NEWU’s Participation in 2017 China Rubber Conference

Release time:2017-03-20

NEWU participated in the 2017 China RubberConference (CRC) in Guangzhou from Mar. 14th to 17th. Thetheme is Quality Improvement, Efficiency Increasing, Brand Enhancement. Thisconference attracted over 1,000 professionals from over 20 countries &regions and over 10 rubber industry associations. Deng Yali, the chairman ofChina Rubber Industry Association, gave the speak of analysis on overallperformance of China's rubber industry in 2016 and forecast for 2017.

Zhu Yesheng, managing director of NEWU,attended the conference. Wei Yu, the general manager of NEWU EnvironmentalEngineering and Technology Co., Ltd., made the speech about the policy andtechnology of waster gas pollution control in rubber industry.

Mr. Wei emphasized the importance of thepretreatment of waste gas. On this point, he introduced 5 sets waste gastreatment system which are widely used in industry. When talking about the EPA,efficient exhaust purification all-in-one, Mr. Wei presented a in-depth look atthe related technology and parameters. He also said, the environmentaltechnology in rubber industry must be improved as soon as possible followingthe government’s policy.

In the 2017 CRC, NEWU introduced manyefficient environmental approaches to professionals from rubber industryassociations.

Wei Yu, general manager of Beijing NewUniversal Environmental Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd.

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